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 My project includes the following aspects {SMALL BRIEFING}:


  Craft propulsion is based on the principal that we can ionized {avoid corona effect} a huge area around our craft and use electromagnetic/static fields , to accelerate the medium {usually air but not always} in the desired direction and hence to produce thrust on the opposite . The medium’s molecules in front of the craft takes or lose charge by ionization, they move along craft’s longitudinal axis and finally been discharged near craft’s tail . Such a system has no moving parts engine and by applying / regulating variable voltages on the same engine , we can achieve to move in multi-mediums {in water we do not exceed electrolysis voltage and is much better to be accelerated with an electric curtain apparatus – H2O is a natural dipole}. All engine’s field lines are closed and there is no heat production – no trace . The basic idea here , is to accelerate a large amount of mass in a relatively slow speed , producing the same required thrust for our structure , as required by convectional thermal/heat-engines , but now the configuration is more efficient , maintenance free and with no sound !!! Also in a convectional aircraft , the engines must be mounted on a heavy-costly-rigid structured place of the craft , in order to sustain all the forces {usually where also the landing gears are – for similar reason} But in our case the whole craft is acting as to be a huge engine and the medium surround it as well as the medium in long distance ahead it , acts also as an engine ! So we do not need any expensive and heavy reinforced structure , because the thrust is not been produced in a short area / small volume {like convectional aircraft engines do} , but is uniformly distributed in all craft’s area . That’s why our craft is also a fail-safe craft . If an area of the craft happens – for any reason – to be inoperative , we simply disengage it and we continue to fly with the rest of the craft . This kind of engine has many other advantages . The medium is been accelerated in a very longer route than convectional engines do , because ionization occurs in a long distance in front of the craft and hence the acceleration of the medium starts far in front of our craft , giving an extremely uniform & effective way of acceleration . This kind of electromagnetic/static engine has no lag time and corresponds to pilot commands with almost the speed of light !! Finally , this new type of engine is been designed in such a way , that it can move our craft in all 3D axis and hence our craft can hover and fly backwards !!! 

  On craft’s aerodynamics new things must be taken into serious consideration . First , there is no more need our craft to have control aero foils , such as ailerons , rudders , spoilers , elevators , tail plane , canard , trimmers e.c.t. Now , all been controlled by the craft , which as we said , is been acting in total as an engine {something like M.A.T.V. – Multi Action Trust Vectoring , but more advance} Also , with an ionized medium surrounding our craft , all molecules have the same charge sign and by definition they try to repel each other and collisions between them been dramatically reduced – enhances medium’s elasticity . Also , because the medium been accelerated in a very long distance , the viscosity interaction and effects in the control boundary layer {as it concern wings / lift} and in the flow in general , been reduced. {Bear in mind , that in medium’s molecules an electromagnetic/static  force is been applied constantly , protecting and preserves the uniform laminar flow – in such a way that no molecule billiard effect can be produced or if any , it will be autocorrected . Hence viscosity layers effect is been reduced – molecules has friction , but now , also a force that is been applied along in all the trajectory}. As a conclusion , we can say that , the boundary separation layer can be controlled or eliminated with electromagnetic/static fields , in such a way , in which almost perfect laminar flow to exist , when normally a turbulent flow is been observed . Also we are able to keep shock waves far away from our aircraft {protecting aircraft’s skin structure} and the transition from subsonic to hypersonic speed been done very gentle . Another major aspect is the stall effect which is now very difficult to be occurred , since air is been forced from the applied fields to follow aircrafts shape , even in very high angles of attack {for which in normal , stall is always occurring}. If we desired to eliminate the stall and/or drag effect at nearly all {or in other hand , to make it extremely stronger} , we can combine the moving ionized air with a magnetic field , produced when a current is been flown through a wing’s outer upper and down skin  , parallel to aircraft’s longitudinal axis. Also , with a similar way of combining fields in an ionized medium , we can enhance or reduce circulation and hence lift . We can eliminate –with no convectional shaped crafts- even the vortices from the wing tips {no wing tip vortices trace} . Finally , bear in mind that in our craft due to medium acceleration from the applied fields , energy is been added to the flow stream along the wing . So , we must use differential rather than normal Bernoulli equation . Its upon our benefit to construct our craft , in such a way , that the imaginary longitudinal thrust axis to be drifted a little bit upward than the wing’s chord {when we keep the convectional aircraft shape } , but in an non-conventional shape this may not be the case for optimization . The maximum speed of such a craft is been limited only by the electrical power can be delivered – usually can achieve enormous speeds .

  Craft’s power unit is usually an innovating power storage unit rather than a power generator . Limited power generators can be used in such craft configurations and only in very large models . Unconventional shaped crafts , like disk or triangle , must have a lateral cross section area of many hundreds square meters in order to support small generators {e.g. gas turbine}.  Another think , is to use radioactive materials in front of the craft , to achieve a strong ionization effect , but this would be very hazardous and being environmentally unacceptable . To try to do something with batteries is a complete waste of time – they are so heavy and their rate power/mass is so low . So where is the key ? The key is simple and called “cooled static superconductive waveguide resonators”. The principle is simple . Imagine that you have a sealed superconductive tube which its interior is in absolute vacuum or been filled with a dielectric material and always remains in superconductive temperatures . Suppose that the inner walls of that tube are ultimate sleek . Inside that tube , an ideal coil been placed with its perpendicular axis been parallel to tube’s longitudinal axis and its terminals are out of the tube . When the coil’s terminals been connected in AC current , with a specific frequency which depends to the tube’s radius , resonance occurs and static electromagnetic waves been produced and remains {reflect to the tube’s walls} trapped on the tube . In a while , the tube is full of energy . If we disconnect the coil’s terminals from the mains , static electromagnetic waves will stay inside the tube and been reflected from one side to the other . When we will connect the coil’s terminals to our craft’s engines , the energy stored and preserved would be delivered to our apparatus . The tube’s output frequency would be very near to input one and relative to the tube’s radius . Max energy that tube can hold is been restricted , from the fact that real world is not ideal , from the inner wall and coil skin softness , from the dielectric constant of the dielectric filled , the input voltage and the tube’s length. Also temperature is a major parameter and always must been kept low in the appropriate range for the tube to remain superconductive . In real world such resonance tube can keep the energy enclave for some days and can deliver a good percentage of initially captured energy .  Of course , on this vital area , further research must be done . Yet , we are in a primitive stage . It is essential to optimize such apparatus .

  Craft’s structure has no special needs . New generation nano-reinforced compound materials are more than enough . This craft has the ability for Vertical take-off an landing. There is no need to use some rigid-heavy-costly structure , because all the craft acts as a single engine . Although , I think it would be very helpful to construct some more new reinforced sandwich materials for improving engine’s efficiency – I have something on my mind . Some proposed structures must sustain to be fluff out in high pressures {especially models designed to go undersea}. There is a concern for clever materials that change their shape or their properties , when current pass through them and may also be used .

  Craft’s control , navigation , instrumentation and guidance is a combination as in normal aircrafts, plus as in normal submarines , plus as in normal spacecraft ,  with the following modifications : There are no other control , than a simple joystick , all magnetic instruments are off – except of those been used for calibration of gyro instruments ,  turn coordinator indicator is no more needed , instead of fuel quantity and consumption indicators there are indicators relative to the health of resonance tubes , all engine instrumentations & gauges are out and a very fast computer must be installed {for fly-by-wire and must be insulated by a Faraday’s Cage}.

  Craft’s stealth’s technology is based on existing ideas as well as new , innovating concepts . Our craft is using all convectional stealth technologies apply to it  {no-sharp edges , no lateral or perpendicular areas , materials or superconductive ceramic paints that can absorb radar beam and transform it to a uniform around the aircraft low-not detectable heat , shape and geometry , radar reflections try to be directed to space , e.c.t.} and also has the major ability to create electromagnetic encryption, even to the naked eye! {using Quantum Electro Dynamic Principles – known as Q.E.D.} The concept may look impossible or you may be intimidated , but the thing is very simple . This can only work if the medium surrounding our craft is compressible {eg. Air} If it is not {e.g. Water} , I am very sorry , but for the time being I cannot do anything for it . Now imagine that you have a compressible ionized medium . That means that the medium molecules have a charge . So using a proper electromagnetic field configuration around the craft I can locally compress or decompress the medium , enforced it to have different local densities and hence different optical densities / properties {optical density is directed linked with the density} . So in such a way , optical distortions may be created and/or totally encryption of the craft may be achieved . For example , you can see a reflection any time you are looking through 3  step sequentially materials,  that have scaled up densities and therefore optical densities . When the ratio of those optical densities is near to a specific value , we may have the “perfect mirror” effect {max reflection} , which in real world is been demonstrated by looking at a simple mirror . In it , light passes first through air , then through glass and finally through silver . Three step sequentially materials with sequentially increase in density-optical density . In a similar way , we could create a virtual mirror , using ionized air and appropriate electromagnetic local fields for compression . The air near to our eye side will remain untouched , a little further away we will compress it to a larger density and finally further away we can compress it to a very high density value , producing an virtual mirror ! Finally have on your mind that moving ionized air , around our craft , can be compressed {or decompressed} toward {or away} to craft’s surface , with the use of high current running in the direction of the longitudinal craft’s axis {Laplace force} . The more fast the craft is moving & the higher the current intensity is , the more stronger compression we can achieve !! This effect is reversely proportional to the vertical distance away from the wing/fuselage . So , a moving craft of this type {assume that skin current is been turned on for compression} , can have a tremendous air density near to its fuselage and as we virtually move away from the fuselage the density would drop down steeply  , up to normal . That means that as long as the aircraft is moving , a serious optical distortion would be created and in extreme circumstances all light / or radar beam which will drop to it , it would be bend and then straighten again {leaving the craft in exactly the opposite direction from which it came from} , continuing its way to infinity , without been partially or totally deflected !!! Therefore , even though the aircraft is flying in front of you , you cannot see it in a radar or with naked eye !!! Now add the fact that our aircraft makes no sound , emits no heat , all electromagnetic lines are “closed” type and finally that even with special filters you cannot see wing tips vortices {do not create any} , you would fill sure to say  that nothing is flying in front of you !!!  But you would be totally wrong !!! Illusions …!!! Even thought  you would not be able to see the craft , pilot would be able to have a partial distorted view of you . That’s why on this kind of “games” , cockpit’s position is vital .

  Craft’s collateral effects and Human Factor . As it concern this kind of craft I believe that we must classified it to “green” environmental technologies . The only problems may occur to a person from it , are basically two . First , is the concept that this kind of craft can accelerate so fast , that a person inside it can be injured seriously or break his bones . This problem can be override by setting proper max acceleration allowance in the flight-by-wire system . The second problem is that ionized medium flown around the craft and therefore special insulation and Faraday cage is essential for passengers and crew protection . Also two are the collateral effects relative to this craft . The first is where to locate aerials or what communication to use  . Medium around craft is highly ionized  so special concern must be made for this problem . {but remember that usually on the tail of such craft the ions are almost neutralized} . The second collateral effect is that if any electrical circuit been found near to the craft , back currents would be produced to this  circuit and hence it would operate faulty or even worse , becomes inoperative . Flights near to premises or near motorway can cause blackouts and chaotic situations . 

AEMPCWFIST                                                                           AEMPCWFIST



   That’s all for now . By this time , I think that you have already got all major idea about this project . Please forgive me if my English were in some places not well understood . I have done my best in order the briefing be as short as it could .



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